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Elementary and secondary teacher

Make it easier for your students to register on the e-space platform!

To help students join your group on the e-space platform, download this document to hand out to your students or their parents.


Visit our help section. Click on the section that corresponds to your level, then on “e-space platform – Teachers” to find the answers to your questions.

Digital format request for students with special needs

If a student has special needs that require the use in class of educational material on digital media, a person in charge at your educational establishment or mandated by your educational establishment can make a request to ERPI in order to obtain the digital version of one of our materials free of charge.


Tutorials to help you make the most of your digital content

Several video tutorials are available to help you familiarize yourself with the e-space platform, and discover all the different features.


I teach ESL or EAP at CEGEP or university

What happened to my Pearson English Portal (PEP) account?

As of August 1, the following ELT resources, Advance in Academic writing, Avenues, Become, GOALS, Grammar for Academic Purposes, LEAP, Literary Horizons, My eGrammar, Say What You Mean, and Technically Speaking, are accessible in the new user-friendly e-space platform. You’ll find your improved ebooks plus everything that you and your students need there, all in one place.

How to get started with the e-space platform

Step 1: Request your code now.
Step 2: Once you’ve received your code, create your account.

Book buying made easy

Share a customizable handout with your students with all the information on what book(s) (digital or printed version) to get for your course and the links to help sites, if needed.


How to buy a digital product

Students can purchase digital products directly on the Pearson ERPI online store.

I am looking for a Pearson ERPI product:

Request for a teacher access code

To receive a teacher access code, please contact your ELT sales consultant.

How to log in to my online account
To access your online e-space account, visit the help section on our website.


Visit our help section to find answers to your questions.

Need Help?

You will surely find answers to your questions in our help section.
Simply select the subject on which you need more information.

For other questions, please reach out to your sales consultant.

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